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January 17 2018


Staying Safe with Balance Issues

As you get older, it may be more difficult to move around, you may also have times when your balance is not as good. This can be caused by vertigo, but there are other conditions that can make it difficult to keep your balance. If you are struggling with these conditions, you may be fine one minute and unable to stand up straight in the next. It can make it difficult to go throughout your day if you are afraid you are going to be hit by a sudden dizzy spell. Installing a medical alert system can allow you to get help when you need it. Here are five things you can do to allow you to stay safe if you have balance issues.

1. Avoid Slipping
If you are having balance issues, it can be easier to slip and not be able to catch yourself. Throw rugs that do not grip the ground are one hazard that you may have in your bathroom or kitchen. Wet floors can also cause you to slip, especially if you currently have balance issues. Check your stairs to make sure they are not slippery either. You may want to double check to make sure your banister is secure.

2. Clear Out Tripping Hazards
Tripping when you are dizzy can lead to a fall. If you just take the time to deal with any things that may cause you to trip around your home, you may be able to avoid a fall when you have a sudden dizzy spell. These may be things like cords running across an area with a lot of foot traffic or it can be items that are stored on the floor or with clutter.

3.  Don’t Climb Up High
Climbing up to reach something can be more dangerous when you have an increased risk of falling. This can mean that you need to rearrange your home after you begin to suffer from balance issues. Avoid climbing on ladders or even step stools. Move items that you need on a regular basis to a lower place in your home.

4. Use a Cane or Other Balance Aid
It is important to use a can or walker on days when your balance is not great. This can prevent you from falling, which can lead to a serious injury like a broken hip. The cane or walker can be especially helpful when going outside of your home or in an area where you are not as familiar with. This can help you remain steady.

5. Take It Easy When Necessary
Nobody likes to slow down and stay at home for long periods of time. However, if you are going through a period when you are dizzy, you should cut back on your activities and stay at home until you are doing better. These precautions can help you stay safe and avoid serious injury.


January 10 2018


SafetyWatch Services Medical Alert Systems

SafetyWatch Services provides medical alert systems that offer personal emergency response systems for senior citizens who want to retain their independence both at home and while going about their daily activities using a mobile medical alert system for emergencies. All medical alert systems provide fall detection so that if a fall occurs emergency personnel will automatically be contacted and dispatched.

SafetyWatch Services Medical Alert Systems

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